Biography of Isabella Pico

For the past four years I have been a student at the University of Florida in the college of Journalism and Communications. I will be graduating in May with a Bachelor’s degree in telecommunications with a specialization in news.

Gainesville Explorer is one way I have on expanding my communications skills. By researching and visiting different locations I want to show that I am interested in traveling to places and learning. As a telecommunications major, I am hoping to find a career in communications.

At UF, I have been in several positions and organizations to reach this goal. As a multimedia journalist for WUFT News, I found and reported on stories in the local listening area for t.v and radio. I am also a host, and the producer, for the ChomPics podcast Art Things Considered, which focuses on all the latest gaming, theatre, movie, and TV news.  In addition I am the Public Relations officer of the UF Equestrian Club. In this position I run all the social media pages, such as Facebook and Instagram, and I completely reformatted the club’s website.

In my different jobs and internships I have gained many skills in media. Already I have interned for iHeartMedia, and the Conservation Trust for Florida. In addition, I am currently a studio technician at the UF Center for Instructional Technology and Training recording and editing videos for UF’s online courses.

Check out my resume, and visit my website to learn more about my career goals, and to see portions of my portfolio.


  1. Isabella, I really like your blog because you find some amazing adventures just within a local area. Gainesville has a lot to offer more than what most people may even know. Therefore, I appreciate you writing about your Gainesville explorations because it helps me add and cross off some items on my graduate bucket list. Keep up the good work!


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